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We're communications experts so you don't have to be!

Want your services to work the way you want them to, but don’t know all the right tech lingo? decibel’s got you covered. Our team is trained to understand and meet your communications needs no matter what – no “tech talk” required.


If your power goes out, or there’s a network service outage, your phones will still be running thanks to our redundant network! With 4G backup, 99.99% uptime, and endpoints in every major state, you can have confidence your calls will connect.


We’ve been in the telecom business for over thirty years. Our team is trained to answer any questions you might have – from what hardware you might need to how to set up your communications software. 


Tired of explaining yourself and what your business does to an endless sea of agents? We are too! That’s why each of our customers is assigned a dedicated, US-based representative who knows your business and what it needs inside and out.

Man and woman on headsets sitting next to each other.



decibel began in 1990 with the installation and support of business telephone systems for AT&T. 

Over the last thirty years, we’ve evolved with the telecom industry to become a leading business communications provider. We take all your telecom needs off your shoulders – from phone system selection and installation to IT and technological support – so you can focus on building your business.

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