The work landscape is changing and workers are less tied to their office desks than they once were. Remote and hybrid work options make it so your team may not be all together on any given day. However, new communications technologies can help bridge the communication gap between in-person and remote work. Cloud-based business phone systems can streamline your communications, which allows your team to work better together. 

What is a Cloud Phone System? 

A cloud phone system doesn’t use traditional hardlines, or copper wires to connect people who want to communicate. Rather, it uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to connect your phone system to the cloud. In other words, cloud-based phone systems connect people over the internet instead of more traditional methods. 

Cloud phone systems are sometimes called cloud PBX or hosted PBX, and they offer several advantages over traditional phone lines. Cloud hosting makes your communications more seamless, mobile, and flexible. End-to-end data encryption can also make your communication more secure than a traditional system. 

The cloud-based phone market is growing, and the global market size reached $29 billion in 2023. This year, it’s expected to reach $49 billion

The Rise of Remote Work 

Cloud-based business phone systems are extremely flexible in an age of remote work. COVID-19 proved to many businesses that some jobs can be effectively done from home or in a hybrid work setting. In fact, hybrid work is one of the fastest-growing work styles, with many people preferring to spend at least a few days each week out of the office. 

Remote work doesn’t just mean working at home or in your home office. It might mean taking your laptop to a local coffee shop, the library, and anywhere else with Wi-Fi. For work to truly be untethered, employees must have access to their full communications toolkit whether they are in the office or at home. 

Cloud-based business phone systems can help your employees access all their communications tools wherever they are. 

Flexibility Also Means Scalability 

Cloud-based business phone systems are easy to install, maintain, and upgrade since they don’t need any complex hardware to be fully operational. This means you can add lines and features to scale up or down as needed. 

Cloud phone plans typically allow you to pay for what you use, which means your spending will match your company’s needs and you won’t overpay for features you don’t use. 

If you see a period of growth, add more lines. If you’re interested in a tool or feature, you can integrate it instantly. You can also scale back on your expenses if your company goes through lean periods. 

Scalability also means your team doesn’t outgrow your communication system. As you grow, you can add storage, phone lines, and any features you need to keep operations running smoothly. 

A Collaborative Business Phone System 

Traditional phone systems are good at voice calls, and that’s about it. Cloud-based business phone systems are feature-rich, offering a variety of communications options. Voice calls, video chat, instant messaging, conference calling, and many other features are easy to integrate into your workflow with a cloud-based business phone system. 

You can also tap into advanced features, like advanced call routing, interactive voice response, call analytics, and ai-integration. There are a growing number of ways you can increase collaboration and streamline your team’s workflow that can be accessed through cloud-based communication. 

Switch to Cloud Based Today 

Cloud-based business phone systems offer unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and a wide range of communication options. With the rise of remote work and the need for seamless, secure, and flexible communication tools, cloud-based phone systems have become essential for modern businesses. 

Embrace the future of communication technology and empower your team to stay connected and collaborative, no matter where they are. Get in touch with Decibel today to learn more about how a cloud-based phone system can benefit your business.